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Saturday, October 08, 2005

jazz at the hair salon,

after all this bullshit during the last couple weeks i look forward to my 'jazz' gig at the hair salon. yep, of all the places there is a hair salon that has jazz every saturday. it's amazing, the accoustics are cool, the people are great. the women are beautiful which can be distracting but that's ok.

it's funny because you'd think this would be the last place you'd ever want to play jazz, but it's an amazingly great gig. i've played their with joe magnerelli, steve slagle, john swana and many others.

besides people coming to get there hair done people come in just to hear the music. this is a great gig!!! and the owner is great and pays well and is fair. so i probably won't get screwed tomorrow with money!!!


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