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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cornell Rochester

Spent the last several days working on a project with some amazing musicians. The one who really blew me away was Cornell Rochester. What an amazing drummer. I found a few things on the internet about him. He's a Philly guy but I don't see him around too much. However if you're a drummer check him out he's one Bad Ass drummer.

The leader was Adam's Unsworth French horn player from the Philly Orchestra. He's in the movie 'From the Inside Out'. He wrote some amazing music and played Beautiful.

Les Thigger (sp?) played flute, alto flute and bass clarinet. He's the head of the musica and jazz department at Univesity of Wisconson. He played great!

Ranaan Meyer grad from Curtis another classical guys that crosses over into jazz.

The one and only Dianne Monroe, violinist extraorinaire.

Though I think for most of us the highlight was Cornell. Check him out. I hope to do a podcast of him. He has some cool stuff to say about music and drumming.


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