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Sunday, October 02, 2005

1 club 3 groups and 1 club 2 goups tonight she shorts me money

Man I must be a glutten for punishment (or I need the money) cause I went back to the club that triple booked the gig, then double booked the next one and then TONIGHT she refused to pay me the full amount because I don't sing. Singers get more money she said. So she stiffed me 50 bucks.

I didn't even argue with her, just told her to pay the bass player 150 and give me what she thought was fair. She's a f^&%king idiot. I don't even get how someone can be that stupid.

I remember one gig I did, the people only booked half the club, soooo they put the house music on in the other half of the club. Get it? and open room, one side a jazz band and the other side is loud disco music. I told the guy who hired us that we couldn't play with the house music on. He said well we only rented half the room, if you don't play you don't get paid. I wanted to go but the bass player and drummer wanted to stay. So we'd played four hours of standards while disco was blairing from the other side of the room.

I know I'm getting off track but this is a funny story. Larry was playing a job and the band had to play "Here Comes the Bride" as the bride and groom came into the room and went to there seats. Larrys starts playing the tune. The band stops but he keeps going. Every is looking at him and the Bride and Groom are Cracking up.

He gets done playing the song, and he turns to the other band member and says "Hey what's so funny?" The other guy says "You were playing Happy Birthday". I think that's hysterical.

One time we started 10 minutes late for a gig. We even played 10 minutes over. However the owner shorted us money. We fought him and he refused. This was a beautiful Italian restaurant. The bass player had just had a baby, and I saw in the restaurant these beautiful wooden high chairs. So I slipped it behind my vibe case between me and the case and walked right in front of the club owner right by him and out the door. I felt soooooo frickin good giving that chair to the bass player. I hope that owner figured out what happen. ASSSSHOOLlee.

Alright who else has some good gig stories?


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