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Friday, September 23, 2005

1 club 3 groups and tonight 1 club 2 goups

So last week at the gig i was playing, 3 bands showed up for the same gig. This week 2 bands showed up for the same gig! Believe it or not. Same club, triple booked and tonight double booked.

We're getting paid. Pretty Unbelievable huh? One time I was double booked and both bands were in front of the manager trying to figure out who would get the gig for the night. One of the musicians in the other band was really uptight. I assumed he was coked out. So I knew if the band I was with stayed calm, this other guy would blow up and we'd get the gig.

We talked for a while, this guy is getting more and more uptight. I could see sweat! I knew I was a few minutes away from setting my stuff up. Our guy was talking very calmly. I said to my buddy, we got this gig. A couple minutes later the musician in the other band goes, "This is fucked up" and then to the club owner "You fucked this up".

Bam, club owner said 'you guys get out of here', 'you guys (us) set up'. It was totally the club owners fault. At this point though, it was not the time to Bitch. Actually we were fair, we were requesting that the owner pay our money plus half and then we'd all split the bread. He's lose some and we'd lose some. The best comprimise we could think of. That other guy was pissed. No way. So we played and got paid. The other guy had to go find coke money from somewhere else.

So no gig tonight!


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