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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Gigs around the world

So I was whining about a horrible gig a few blogs back. Some musicians got a little bugged with me, told me to shut up, not take gigs I don't want to do and be happy people are responding to the music.

I stopped doing that gig and picked up another Friday night gig. We played 3 sets, people sat listened and hung out at this beautiful Italian restaurant. After the first set we sat down and they brought out a ton of food. A nice gig.

I realized while I was eating that what the hell, that's not too much to be 'fed'. Not too much to ask for a little respect and consideration. People were pissed because I was complaining about these things???

I remember doing gigs in Germany and surrounding countries. We'd show up, set up and then sit down. The owner would come to our table and ask what we wanted to eat. If it was a bar with little or no food they would go out and get us something to eat. It felt good. We felt appreciated.

It takes little effort for a club to take care of the band and make us feel good.

So where are you from and what are gigs like in your part of the world? Forget the money part although I'm curious about that also, however I'm mainly curious about how you're treated, what are the sets like (4 hour gig? 3?). You get to eat? etc.


  • At 9:15 AM, Blogger evildixie said…

    Here's a great gig I had once. I was in a traveling band called Burning Bus and we played at the East End in Newark Deleware once a month. They would let us make what ever we wanted in the kitchen, gave us the best drinks and let us take bags of six packs of beer home. They paid us really well, we got gifts from the audience all the time and got high... in the bathroom on breaks...
    I was always packed and I loved it there. That owner had national acts whom i opened for once in a while.
    Since then, that owner sold the place and moved on. Now the place pays not much and doesn't give you squat.

  • At 9:18 AM, Blogger evildixie said…

    actually, if any local musicians know of a great gig where they pay well and feed you...Do you think they're going to advertise it? It's slim pickings out there and alot of hungry vultures.
    Don't take my gig! AGGGHGHHHGH

  • At 9:22 AM, Blogger Tony said…

    damn, I'm not asking for the name and address, just tell me about the gig and what part of the world!


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