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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why I haven't posted much on

I've been working day and night redoing the site. I learned PHP and MYSQL to pull this off. My goal is to have the new site up by September.

I'm creating the site so that it's easily expandable. Members eventually will be able to post lessons and news for others to see. I want to be able to set up 'concerts' online. ETC. etc. etc.

So that's where my time is going. Bare with me.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Here's a strange but kind of funny interesting video.

This is a little weird but I thought interesting in a way video about being addicted to playing the tuba! Check it out for yourself!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Monk was a terrible pianist and all those dissonant wrong notes sucked!

HEY HEY HEY CALM DOWN, that's not me saying this. I love Monk and I love the wrong notes!!! I love them alot.

I got an email from a local Philly singer Lou Lanza, and he sent me the link to a sight by a pianist Hans Groiner. Here he promotes his CD 'Hans Groiner Plays Monk'. Hans talks about Monk on the page.

Hans Groiner Says:

Although his music fascinated me, I had very mixed feelings. On the one hand, Mr. Monk had obvious talents, but on the other hand, his piano playing was very messy, and his songs had many funny notes and rhythms. Over the many years that I have been studying his music, I have grown to the conclusion that his songs would be much better, and much more popular, if many of the dissonances, or "wrong notes," were removed. With my new CD, "Hans Groiner Plays Monk," I have done just that.

Yikes! I guess he'll get lots of hits on his myspace page cause this is going to raise a storm. Go listen to his music and tell me what you think.

And on this page 'someone' names Geoffrey Keezer says:

Finally...someone has the guts to play Monk their OWN way. I never liked all those wrong notes anyway, and Monk was a shitty pianist really. It's really such a pleasure to listen to these tracks, like a breath of fresh Austrian spring mountain air. I sure hope you get a chance to perform at Dizzy's Club in Lincoln Center sometime. Keep up the good work! Your new fan, GK.

I wonder if this really IS the great pianist, Geoffrey Keezer.

Well what i heard I didn't dig at all. My feeling is I bet there are lots of people who DIDN'T dig monk. And to most of us I bet thoughts like this are not foreign.

I'm curious to hear from pianists. Would you consider his piano playing bad? I guess technically you wouldn't say he monster technique would you? I wouldn't really know except it hands don't look normal.

All I know is that I love Monk and think his music is incredible.