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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

mp3 online locker

here's an interesting article and website. you can upload and store all your mp3s in an online locker. then you can access them from any computer. even syncs with an ipod. really really cool stuff.
Here's the site
Here's the link to an article where the michael robertson talks about the locker.

i think he's the guy who invented mp3s.


  • At 1:12 AM, Blogger dthree said…

    Hey tony. He didn't invent MP3's, he had launched a site in the 90's called where artists could post songs and allow people to search for them, preview them, download them (if tha artist wanted) or buy them. They had categories that you could associate your music with so that your songs would show up in searches for "ambient techno" or "math rock" and each category had a number of streaming radio stations that played songs from the category. There were multiple revenue streams for an artist to pursue and some people were making a nice bit of change on the site. I think the company wasn't making money and another company bought and basically dismantled it whole. Right before I read your blog post I was starting a locker account, weird!


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