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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Open Pandora

If you enjoy the free music discovery service (and if you haven't checked it out, you should - it's great!), I think you'll really like this. I just ran across this site where you can download Open Pandora, an open source windows desktop application that exposes Pandora. Below is a description I found on another site:

"Pandora itself is designed to function in your browser making it rather uncomfortable to listen to the music. Enter Open Pandora:

The tool adds functionality to Pandora like the ability to minimize Pandora to the tray with the tray icon tooltip displaying the currently played song. It offers full control from the tray or an multimedia keyboard (play, pause or skip). It has some rather unique features as well, namely the ability to send song information to, Microsoft messenger or xfire.

Last but not least global shortcuts make it easier to use Pandora. You can change stations, hide and unhide the window or change the station to quickmix with them. Oh, one thing that I almost forgot to mention - it is able to display the songs lyrics in an external window."

Someone try this...and tell us how it works!


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